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Elevate you jewelry game. 
Get Forever Linked  


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Why Get Permanent Jewelry?

The intention of permanent jewelry is to be worn as an everyday piece of jewelry that lives on you as long as you’d like. For many, it holds a special meaning and serves as a daily reminder. Whether it's to commemorate an event, milestone, in remembrance of someone, or a symbol of friendship and promise we will help you design a piece unique to you that you will cherish forever.  


Permanent jewelry is often given as a gift from a loved one so they can always remember they are Forever Linked and loved. 


Contact me today to schedule a private event or in home party!

Host get 50% off their first item!

Weather is a bachelor/ bachelorette party, birthday party, girls nights, at home party, wedding, or corporate event I can get you Linked! Ask about our custom made charms designed specifically for your special moment.  

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